“My team and our clients learned so much from these sessions, and the O’Design team answered each and every question that was asked. It is can’t miss education!”

Deborah B.VP, Team Director

“From the very first demo meeting with O’Design and my client it was nothing but an amazing experience. We would definitely use O’Design again!”

Jamie C.Global Account Executive

“My head is still spinning a bit but I am so appreciative of the education I received yesterday; of the time you took with Gianna and I, and of how wonderful and gracious all of you are. I see success written all over O’Design.”

Robin F.Director, Global Accounts

“Sponsors were pleased with Ad placements and opportunities throughout the entire virtual event!”

Greg W.Event Organizer

“I was incredibly pleased with O’Design on the first event, and the second one went even smoother!”

Kelly J.Event Specialist

“Everything was taken care of perfectly, and I’m already scheduling my next year’s event to O’Design again!”

Jessica T.Executive Administrative Assistant

“It was nice to have O’Design to take care AV and not have to worry about it as the venue presented many other challenges for me. I’m really impressed with their professionalism and confident in AV!”

Jillian C.Global Event Manager

“I’m so impressed with O’Design! They were extremely buttoned up and organized.”

Gina D.Senior Manager, Technical Event Production

“Love the stage design by O’Design! It was the first time we’re doing it, but the LED podium really raise the bar for the event!”

Audra K.Director, Trade Shows and Events

“I had a wonderful experience with O’Design! I was able to turn around my in-person conference to virtual in less than 7 weeks with their help, and all the attendees raved about the virtual conference.”

Marcia C.Vice President