“Love the stage design by O’Design! It was the first time we’re doing it, but the LED podium really raise the bar for the event!”

Audra K.Director, Trade Shows and Events

“I had a wonderful experience with O’Design! I was able to turn around my in-person conference to virtual in less than 7 weeks with their help, and all the attendees raved about the virtual conference.”

Marcia C.Vice President

“Our attendees loved the switch from in-person to virtual this year! Thank you O’Design for your help making it happen.”

Rachel M.Conference & Event Manager

“O’Design was great at resolving issues on the backend if they arose. We had fantastic attendance and involvement thanks to O’Design’s help!”

Todd R.Assistant Executive Director

“They specialize in analyzing your audio visual and staging costs for general sessions and keynotes. Think of them as working on your behalf to get the best deal. If you are in need of a makeover of your av and want to reduce costs for your clients or your Company, please call Stephen.”

Tom A.Vice President, Conferences & Events