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O’Design Productions and Consulting is a breakthrough company that provides Audio Visual productions, consulting and training and complete Hybrid Event management and productions to meeting professionals, companies and associations. Headed by Stephen O’Connor, a former Disney employee and VP of Sales and Marketing for various AV and event companies, O’Design brings a fresh approach to conference AV that removes the headache and hassle normally associated with AV and Hybrid Events, and replaces it with a suite of services that can take your event from boring to brilliant.  Based on technical excellence, a prix fixe budget determined by you, and keen insight into the best bells and whistles out there, O’Design transforms a standard event into a memorable and impactful experience.

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An Elite Team

O’Design is run by meeting planners who are also AV and Hybrid Event professionals, so instead of talking to an technical gearhead, you’re working with someone with a background like yours, who speaks your language and knows your world.  We work with you from start to finish including a dedicated Event Producer on-site for AV events and a dedicated team for Hybrid Events to ensure a seamless event. We are a full support team taking care of you anywhere and everywhere.

Our Relationships & Partnerships

Jessica T.
Executive Administrative Assistant

“Everything was taken care of perfectly, and I’m already scheduling my next year’s event to O’Design again!”

Tina G.
Executive Director

“O’Design has changed my approach to meeting planning and especially to onsite management. I thought audio visual was an area that had me perpetually trapped; I thought I had no choice but to use the in-house company and to pay whatever fees and follow whatever guidelines they provided. The team at O’Design acts as my…

Joe V.
Vice President & Managing Director

“O’Design has helped tremendously in improving my clients Production & AV needs by lower liabilities/risk and ensuring bottom line cost come in at or under budget. They add value to my full meetings solutions and help further support my client’s needs.”

Sara H.
Executive Vice President

“From start to finish, O’Design made the process of our first virtual conference easy!  There is no detail too small that they did not think of, they were always available to answer our questions, and helped us successfully navigate this new world.  Their on-site support was stellar, ensuring all conference attendees had a positive conference…

Valerie J.
Regional Vice President

“I wanted to thank you all for an extremely successful event! There were no glitches at all and everything ran like clockwork.”

Jennie E.
Alliance Constituent Coordinator

“Working with O’Design took so much more off my plate than I could have imagined! Not only did our event look more professional than we had expected but the team was early, on time, and extremely flexible, not to mention professional. All bumps were dealt with quickly and easily with record responses, it really felt…

Cindy S.
Director of Global Accounts

“You have definitely opened my eyes to a better way to manage AV planning and execution”

Nicole S.
Manager, Global Accounts

“O’Design is extremely knowledgeable in their trade and have provided extremely informative and beneficial information when working through AV.”

Scott S.
Director of Administration and Finance

“It feels so good to be working with you guys again!”

Tom S.
Vice President of Global Accounts

“O’Design has expert consultants who provide insight into audio visual best practices, supply the best pricing for AV equipment, and make the experience memorable. Bring your next general session ALIVE with O’Design!!”

Gina V.
Vice President, Global Accounts

“I have worked with Stephen O’Connor and his experienced and knowledgeable team for a couple of years now. It’s critically important to me that the partners I choose to align with and introduce to my clients emulate the level of professionalism, experience, and service our organization strives to provide. The O’Design team has been an…

Todd R.
Assistant Executive Director

“O’Design was great at resolving issues on the backend if they arose. We had fantastic attendance and involvement thanks to O’Design’s help!”

Kelly M.
Director, Operations & Member Services

“The O’Design team exemplifies extreme competence in the audio visual field and I couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with them. Stephen, Aimee and Brett are incredibly knowledgeable, organized, thoughtful and professional and working with them made my life as a planner much easier. They guided me through the entire process of AV…

Vickie C.
Senior Director, Global Accounts

“Their upfront consulting services are at no cost to your budget and they can save you a ton of time, effort and money. They saved my client over $100K!”

Marcia C.
Vice President

“I had a wonderful experience with O’Design! I was able to turn around my in-person conference to virtual in less than 7 weeks with their help, and all the attendees raved about the virtual conference.”

Greg W.
Event Organizer

“Sponsors were pleased with Ad placements and opportunities throughout the entire virtual event!”

Jan S.
Director of Education

“Wow! O’Design really peeled back the curtain and shared so many tangible tips that every planner and supplier should know… This is information everyone in the meeting professional world should know!”

Tom A.
Vice President, Conferences & Events

“They specialize in analyzing your audio visual and staging costs for general sessions and keynotes. Think of them as working on your behalf to get the best deal. If you are in need of a makeover of your av and want to reduce costs for your clients or your Company, please call Stephen.”

Rachel M.
Conference & Event Manager

“Our attendees loved the switch from in-person to virtual this year! Thank you O’Design for your help making it happen.”

Angie B.
Event Planner

“O’Design’s AV presentation was very informative and eye opening. As a Meeting Planner, I know AV can be one of the most expensive aspects of an event especially when dealing with labor pricing. O’Design’s presentation gave helpful tips and items to look out for when dealing with AV pricing. It also gave an update on…

Robin F.
Director, Global Accounts

“My head is still spinning a bit but I am so appreciative of the education I received yesterday; of the time you took with Gianna and I, and of how wonderful and gracious all of you are. I see success written all over O’Design.”

Hillary E.
Events Manager

“Stephen is one of the first vendors I met when starting my new role and his technical expertise and professional, enthusiastic demeanor quickly made me know he was someone I wanted to work with. Stephen has years of experience in the AV world and is willing to share his insights and experience with others, making…

Jillian C.
Global Event Manager

“It was nice to have O’Design to take care AV and not have to worry about it as the venue presented many other challenges for me. I’m really impressed with their professionalism and confident in AV!”

Jamie C.
Global Account Executive

“From the very first demo meeting with O’Design and my client it was nothing but an amazing experience. We would definitely use O’Design again!”

Sandy G.
Senior Director, Global Accounts

“You are now working with two of my clients – they both have nothing but great things to say about working with O’Design!”

Kari B.
Director, Global Accounts

“I truly appreciate working with each of you and know we made the right decision to engage O’Design.”

Gina D.
Senior Manager, Technical Event Production

“I’m so impressed with O’Design! They were extremely buttoned up and organized.”

Audra K.
Director, Trade Shows and Events

“Love the stage design by O’Design! It was the first time we’re doing it, but the LED podium really raise the bar for the event!”

Kelli O.
Group Account Manager

“The Event Team is extremely attentive to detail, organized and works very hard on gaining strong relationships and forming partnerships. They are friendly, loyal and respond in a timely manner. I have loved working with O’Design over the years.”

Sandy B.
Director, Asset Services

“I was introduced to O’Design during our conference planning process as I wasn’t aware that hotels allowed outside AV firms to provide this service for conferences. O’Design competitively bid our AV services to four (4) vendors allowing us to find the best vendor at a competitive price and they oversaw the AV scope of services…

Kelly J.
Event Specialist

“I was incredibly pleased with O’Design on the first event, and the second one went even smoother!”

Deborah B.
VP, Team Director

“My team and our clients learned so much from these sessions, and the O’Design team answered each and every question that was asked. It is can’t miss education!”

Gretchen H.
Administrative Director

“I needed a strong tech team to partner with for my first virtual event.  O’Design took the lead and guided me through the whole process with less than a month to plan the event.  My assigned team was always accessible and answered my copious questions quickly and clearly.  They also were accommodating to meet the…

We are Excited to Share our Success In Services With You

Stephen O’Connor