Going Far Beyond The Expected

O’Design Productions and Consulting is a breakthrough company that provides Audio Visual productions, consulting and training and complete Hybrid Event management and productions to meeting professionals, companies and associations. Headed by Stephen O’Connor, a former Disney employee and VP of Sales and Marketing for various AV and event companies, O’Design brings a fresh approach to conference AV that removes the headache and hassle normally associated with AV and Hybrid Events, and replaces it with a suite of services that can take your event from boring to brilliant.  Based on technical excellence, a prix fixe budget determined by you, and keen insight into the best bells and whistles out there, O’Design transforms a standard event into a memorable and impactful experience.

Our Experience

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An Elite Team

O’Design is run by meeting planners who are also AV and Hybrid Event professionals, so instead of talking to an technical gearhead, you’re working with someone with a background like yours, who speaks your language and knows your world.  We work with you from start to finish including a dedicated Event Producer on-site for AV events and a dedicated team for Hybrid Events to ensure a seamless event. We are a full support team taking care of you anywhere and everywhere.

Our Relationships

Our Long-Term Relationships Are Why We Do What We Do.