Great Demand On Your Shoulders

High expectations are hanging on one decision: choosing the best platform in a confusing realm. The search is never-ending and frustrating. What if you make a mistake? Did you think everything through? Are all the charges exposed and understood? What about the workload expected of you? Will the timing fit, and will you ultimately meet the expectations of everyone? Who can you trust to help you in the unknown world of Hybrid Events?

Revealing The Unknowns

Many areas of Hybrid Events are not fully disclosed, here are just a few:
  • Misguided on demand and expectations of workload
  • Live vs. Semi-Live vs. Scheduled presentations
  • Inflexible deadlines
  • Rendering Demands: avatars, graphics, booths generation
  • Video editing needs not included with platforms
  • Presenter delays and challenges
  • Realities of session introductions and facilitators/DJ’s
  • Limited or no access in some countries
  • Hidden costs – beyond what the demos are showing
  • Marketing and branding demands and realities
  • Significant demand for lead time in platform build
  • Quality Control on material, videos, presentations, design
  • Complexities with streaming video and multi-platform
  • Limited access to the platform
  • Lack of guidance on platform full potential
  • No Live support: only the account is provided

EASY AS 1-2-3

Services Unlike Any Other

O’Design is the only company that works with over 20 of the most popular Hybrid Event platforms while managing every aspect of your event. 

We bring our proven process and great success to your meeting.

ONE: By first understanding your event in our Discovery stage, we take the time to ensure we know your expectations.

TWO: We then provide side-by-side comparisons of the platforms features, benefits, and costs during our Comparison stage – sharing with you what is available.

THREE: We then fully execute your event with our 250+ point process in our Full Production Management process, bringing years of knowledge, guidance, and execution to your event. 

We know the process and know it very well. We will guide you and help you through every step.

Full Production Services

Platform Discovery, Agreement, and Set Up
Platform Features and Benefits Comparison
Full Event Management / 250+ Management Points
Complete Live Event Support

An Elite Team

O’Design provides you a dedicated and experienced team that executes every demand, expectation, and aspect of your event, taking all the work off your plate. Our Production team knows all the required elements of your chosen platform, including all technical requirements to build your event: Our Events team has a proven process ensuring all logistics and deadlines met timely while providing guidance to the process. Our Creative Engagement team will give you the most popular options available to enhance your event. 

We know every step, every solution, every pitfall, every necessary process to ensure your event is an amazing success. An elite team committed to you and the success fo your event.

Over 20+ Hybrid Event Options