Our Services

We are AV & Hybrid Event experts with a twist: we partner with, and are an advocate for, YOU. Any situation or challenge, any venue in any city, large or small – we work directly with you and for you.  We help you THRIVE in the difficult world of AV & Hybrid Events.

The Missing Link in Event Planning

Music to Your Ears

We know you dislike AV & Hybrid Events, especially the process. It’s complicated, and we understand that. We are “Meeting Planners for AV and Hybrid Events” for that very reason. Our company is based off what is missing in our industry – the link between the AV companies and Hybrid Event platforms, and you, the planner. We do all the AV & Hybrid Event work for you – everything. Yes, everything, really! We’re bringing the two worlds together while making the process simple. And that’s music to our client’s ears.

AV & Hybrid Event Experts

We Know AV and We Know It Well

Without a doubt, AV & Hybrid Events are demanding. Yet to us AV & Hybrid Events are second nature. Successfully managing hundreds of events has made us extremely efficient. But the reason for our success is our unique approach: we work with over 200 AV, Platform,  technology, and décor companies, allowing us to bring you the best of what is available. Anywhere. Any demand, any challenge or any dream or vision, we bring the great possibilities to you by working with the best in our industry.

Giving Your Time Back

Get Back to Doing What You Love to Do

AV & VM is extremely time consuming. When it comes down to it, you’re just too busy for AV & VM. Meeting Planners spend over 20% of their time trying to understand and take care of AV & VM. Wow! We give you your time back while saving you over $10K in lost time for each event, each year. As a member of your team we work with you and for you. Get back to doing what you love – we’ll take care of the AV & VM for you.

Creating Greater Experiences

The WOW! Effect

Events should be felt, not just attended. Color, sound, motion, technology, impact – they all come together to create a memorable experience. Bringing all those elements together takes vision and understanding. We provide the “Wow Factor” by going beyond basic AV and Hybrid Events. Themed events, interactive event apps, brilliant stage design, powerful sound, digital sponsor displays, creative event décor, creative engagement, 3D platforms, – the list goes on and on. And we do it all. We make it easy to produce amazing events for your attendees.

You're No Longer Alone

We Are Your Own Dedicated AV & VM Expert

With O’Design a part of your team, not only do you have the backing of industry experts but also a team member with experience in hundreds of events all across the country in thousands of venues. Having provided AV & VM expertise to small and large associations and companies including Fortune 500 companies, we are the AV & VM authority and industry experts. We are here for you; just give us a call.

Accountability & Affordability

We Make the Most of Limitations

Unfortunately the AV & Hybrid Event world is known for overcharging clients while providing the bare minimums. To us, a budget is not a limitation of your event, but a possibility of what your event can become. We are sensitive to your budget and work to upgrade your event from boring to brilliant. We’ll show you just how far your budget can take you toward a more impactful experience. It’s possible, and we know just how to do it

An Elite AV Team With A Meeting Planner Foundation


You’re skilled in meetings, we’re skilled in AV & Hybrid Events. 

We bring the best of both worlds together.

One Step Ahead

We know the steps required for a successful event and work ahead of the process. We anticipate what could go wrong and have solutions ready should issues arise.

We Hear You

We meet with you to fully understand your expectations and desires, and continue the conversation through the entire process as needed. Our approach is simple: listening, understanding and implementing.


The secret to our excellence is our dedicated research. We study the venue, rooms and meeting space for AV to ensure proper event flow, layout, equipment needs and setup. For Hybrid Events, our detail is unmatched. We ensure a complete understanding of your expectations then seek and fully manage the best platform for you.


We are timely and prompt in all levels of our work. We respond quickly and efficiently to your needs and to any issues that may arise before and during the event.


We know AV and Hybrid Events and know them very well. Our extensive expertise helps ensure that your every event runs smoothly while surpassing expectations.

We Do Details

We know that success is in the details. We tend to every detail, on every level, big and small, so that nothing is overlooked.

Event Productions

We understand the value of providing an impactful experience for your attendees, and we provide the tools for you to make that happen. Our team creates the “Wow Effect” for you, especially when your event is themed or highly customized. We help you “wow” them with custom event apps, digital signage, touch screen monitors, audience response systems, powerful stage design and so much more, based entirely on your needs.

Going Beyond Typical AV & Hybrid Events.

We bring a whole new dimension to your events.

Over 20+ Hybrid Event Options

Hybrid Events are in great demand, now more than ever. With so many options to choose from, we ensure the best platform, the best approach, and fully create and manage your event for you. We know all the platforms and know them very well, so you don’t have to.

From Concept To Show

Have a theme, idea or vision? Share it with us –

our creative team will bring your ideas to life

through custom renderings. The final product

is just simply amazing. Take a look!

Impactful Stage Design

When you walk into a General Session or Plenary Session, the only

expression you want to hear and see from your attendees is “Wow!”. We

bring that experience to life by working with only the best staging companies

in the country.