“Working with O’Design, our event was great! Our post-event survey results have been super positive and our attendees were impressed with the enhanced AV experience. Our event was much more professional than years past and the equipment we had onsite was great for our specific event needs. O’Design was great on the fly and adjusted to last-minute changes with ease.”

Emily T.VP, Human Resources

“Stephen, you and your team are amazing! Thank you for your excellent work from start to finish. Your handling of the entirety of AV with our clients – obtaining all of the specs you need, negotiating, your creativity, and then flawless execution is such a breath of fresh air… Super A+ work, thank you!!”

Beth M.Director of Global Accounts (2023)

“I am so glad that I have continued my partnership with O’Design. I truly believe that O’Design has had the best interests of my company in mind from the very beginning with contract negotiations, to the very end with onsite coordination. I know that O’Design went to bat for us to get us the best possible rates and discounts in our contract, and I appreciate the communication and thought that went into the planning process for our event. After a couple years of partnering with O’Design during the event dates, I am not sure how I managed to do it without them. Having an extremely competent and thoughtful onsite team to coordinate with our A/V providers, handle any small issues that may arise, work directly with my speakers and moderators, and oversee the A/V aspects of my event completely, has become essential to our success as a meeting. I see them as an extension of my team and look forward to continuing to partner with them in the future.”

Katie R.Conference Manager (2023)

“Our team always loves working with O’Design; their meetings and process work perfectly. Everyone was pleased and everything looked great for our event! We couldn’t have asked for things to be easier – it was just fabulous!”

Suzie S.Senior Education & Training Coordinator

“Working with O’design was a great experience from start to finish and made my life easier as an event planner. I gave them my vision and they exceeded my expectations while saving us money!”

Savanna C.Marketing Manager

“This is our second year with O’Design. Each year has been spectacular and I cannot imagine doing a convention without them. The onsite AV team was amazing.”

Pat V.

“We’ve used O’Design twice now and both times O’Design has made AV a breeze! They are extremely helpful, on top of it, and had everything we needed. O’Design handled last-minute changes with ease and their on-site crew was super adaptable… We can’t tell you how excited we are to continue working with O’Design for our future events!”

Lex Mundi Team Testimonial

“[My client] is so pleased with O’Design! I am absolutely thrilled to be working with you and seeing how you’re making my client feel so secure and under budget. Looking forward to our next agreement!”

Beth M.Director of Global Accounts

“O’Design took away the stress of sourcing and coordinating AV while saving me a lot of money! As a one-person team, I have so many things to coordinate for an event. I love being able to hand over the AV process to them, knowing they will think of all the finer details. Even when I had gaps in my event requirements, they were so accommodating in working through them. O’Design’s communication and follow-up are very organized as well!”

Rachel W.Marketing and Event Manager

“We loved working with O’Design on the NCADV Conference in St Louis. Their team on the ground was top notch, and the custom stage design they created for us truly WOW’d our attendees!”

Black Badger EventsSatisfied Client (August 2022)