“Our team always loves working with O’Design; their meetings and process work perfectly. Everyone was pleased and everything looked great for our event! We couldn’t have asked for things to be easier – it was just fabulous!”

Suzie S.Senior Education & Training Coordinator

“[My client] is so pleased with O’Design! I am absolutely thrilled to be working with you and seeing how you’re making my client feel so secure and under budget. Looking forward to our next agreement!”

Beth M.Director of Global Accounts

“We loved working with O’Design on the NCADV Conference in St Louis. Their team on the ground was top notch, and the custom stage design they created for us truly WOW’d our attendees!”

Black Badger EventsSatisfied Client (August 2022)

“Working with O’Design’s team was fantastic. The whole process from sourcing to production was efficient, professional — and friendly! We were grateful for their expertise in so many areas, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Aimee Z.Executive Director

“The O’Design team’s RFP process ensured that all potential audio/visual vendors could meet our exact needs and helped us to confidently choose a cost-effective provider. O’Design’s management of our event was incredibly thorough, and communication with the O’Design team was consistent and clear. The vendor we ultimately chose, based on O’Design’s work, was outstanding. I only wish we knew about O’Design sooner!”

Lauren M.Research Director

“O’Design provided organized and exceptional service for our audio visual needs. It was one aspect of our conference that we didn’t have to worry about.”

Josephine G.Chief Science Officer

“Our event went unbelievably smooth and our AV team did a great job! The on-site help was the right set of people for our event needs and gave everyone comfort and a sigh of relief.”

Matt C.VP, Membership and Marketing

“O’Design did a great job; we would definitely look to use your services again for our next conference. Meeting the entire O’Design team was a great thing and gave us more comfort.”

Kevin T.Sr. Manager, Education & Events

“Our event went very smoothly; the on-site team was extremely helpful adjusting to shifting presentation timelines. We very much look forward to working with O’Design again for 2023!”

Heather P.Satisfied Client (June 2022)

“Our main room looked amazing and the setup was beautiful! The team was great with making adjustments for our virtual presenters/attendees. O’Design’s provided graphics and video looked fantastic on-site!”

Nicole T.Director of Extradition Services